Koi Kalia


  1. Koi fish 6 medium pieces
  2. 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  3. 1 red chilly
  4. 1 small size onion
  5. 1 medium size tomato
  6. 2, 3 green chillies
  7. Some warm water
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Oil to fry fish
  10. Some chopped cilantro

First fry the fish with turmeric and salt in the hot oil…

Fried fish

While you are frying the fish, soak the cumin and red chilly in hot water…

Soaked cumin and red chilly

Now take a blender, make a paste with onion, tomato and soaked cumin, red chilly, with the help of this water…

This is kind of a puree

Now take the oil in which you fried the fish splatter green chillies in it and add the puree… Stir all with some salt until oil separates from it..

When oil gets separated, add some warm water and cook until it starts to boil..

After it starts to boil add the fish pieces…

Fish is added in the gravy..

Cook it until you get the consistency of the gravy you want, and add some chopped cilantro if you want, before switching of the gas…check the salt once before switching it off..

Now serve it with hot steamed rice…

Ready and served.

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